Intel Celeron D vs Pentium D vs Pentium Dual-Core vs Core 2 Duo (Socket LGA775)

Hi, I just want to ask which is the best dual core LGA775 CPU for gaming? And which has the best price compared to its performance?

Intel Celeron D vs Intel Pentium D vs Intel Pentium Dual-Core vs Intel Core 2 Duo

Which one of them is enough for playing games at Medium to High Settings with good price?

I just need a CPU that doesn't bottleneck me with a high-end video card and has a good price.

A friend of mine has Intel Pentium D and he can play DotA 2 at high settings with a medium end Graphic Card

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  1. You don't want Pentium D or Celeron D. C2D or PDC are the best, depending on what models your talking about. Either way you need to make sure it's compatible with your mobo before you buy. Just cause it's s775 cpu doesn't mean it will work on your s775 mobo.
    Some C2D's may work on your mobo, while others have a different core and won't work.
  2. You could get by with a core 2 duo or core 2 quad for a year or two. Avoid the D class, they are no longer a good option. Better to save your money and get a 1155 motherboard and a pentium or i3.
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    Go to the website, and select the Core 2 Quad CPU model you like, according to:
    1. Clock Speed,
    2. Size of Cache,
    3. System Bus,
    4. and with the best # of Processing Die Transistors

    And see if the figures on System bus, Max TDP and VID Voltage Range, correspond with your motherboard's support for those ranges. You can check your motherboard specifications with a System Information application like Everest, Aida, SIW, Astra32, Fresh Diagnose, HWInfo, Speccy, etc.,40815,33924,42921,42920,37159,33923,40814,35365,33922,42112,38512,39107,40816,36547,30790,29765,54620,50072,54619,52229,53456,56858,53452,60636,53450,52224
  4. Just go to your motherboard manufacturers webpage for your motherboard and look at the cpu support list and the corresponding bios version you need for the given cpu.
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