My Sony Vaio says "no connections are available"

I can't connect to Internet. It says no connections are available. I did the troubleshooting and it said to turn on wireless capability using switch or function keys. Have no switch so tried F8. My iPad connects. What is wrong and how to fix? HELP!
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    it depends on the model of your laptop? I've seen some that have a toggle switch on the outer case for wireless on/off and some that you have to do a function key combo ex. fn+f1 or something
  2. I finally found the switch. It's a little bitty switch on the front of the computer. What I don't understand is how in the world did I ever hit it to turn it off...oh well, thanks for responding!
  3. hi frnds.. I also hav the same problm.. my sony vaio laptop model is SVF15318SNB
  4. help me plz
  5. Look in the very front for the "wireless" switch....mine is between where you would insert an SD card and two green lights. You can barely see it or feel it because it is small. My switch was turned off and when I switched it back over to on that took care of the problem. How it ever got turned off is beyond me!
  6. as u told there is no any switch on Sony vaio SVF15318SNB....
  7. jiyaswap said:
    as u told there is no any switch on Sony vaio SVF15318SNB....

    My daughter has a Sony VIO touch flip screen laptop with the same issue. After an update the wifi stopped working and the computer did nothing but show no connections avail...

    fixed the issue by going to Control panel, devises, and look for your wireless driver or model in the draw down and click it. In the bottom of the box there should be a little click box that states activate or use this devise. Click, and poof.... wifi....
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