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When I turn my computer on this morning it says "Missing Operation System" it was fine last night. I change the bios to use my my CD as the first boot priority and put my windows 7 cd and it says " Press any key to boot form cd or DVD.....missing operating system"

I thought I should be able to boot from here?

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  1. I would change the BIOS to use your hard drive first. If that works, you are fine.

    If it doesn't work then you will have to reinstall or repair your copy of Windows 7 which you can do by booting from the CD or DVD.

    You might want to see if your BIOS detects your hard drive. The drive could have gone bad too, causing this issue..
  2. if it was working fine one day and the next you get "OS not found" message then that typically means something has happened to your HDD. maybe a cable was knocked loose, maybe it's been wiped, or maybe it's dead.

    first check to see if the BIOS acknowledges there's a HDD plugged in...
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