Need a new fan for my HD 4870

My stock fan recently died for my graphics card and have been looking for a new fan to replace it. My Card is: HD4870 PCIE 512MB 256BIT (That's what the label at the back says anyway)

I decided to buy this:

I fully checked the compatibility for this cooler and HD 4870 was in there. Upon the arrival of the cooler I tried fitting it onto my card, but it appeared that the components on the card made the new cooler not be possible to fit on. I tried everything but it turns out it is just not compatible.

I did some research and my graphics card looks nothing like the usual HD4870, the usual HD 4870 is much longer and has two power connectors on the rear, whereas mine has one.

Can anyone help me find a compatible fan for my card? I'll post pictures of my current card below.

Here is a front view of my card without the heatsink attached.

Here is the card from the back:

Here is a picture of the Heat sink:

Lastly, here is a closeup of my heatsink so you can see the screw holes which were used to screw my last fan into place.

Any help will be greatly appreciated :)

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  1. Problem is that your Card is not build according to reference design, where as the compatibility list is based on reference design.
    You need to find a replacement fan for your specific make and model.

    Looks like an old Asus maybe? Anyway, if you can't find an entire new fan enclosure, you might just buy a tiny new fan and screw onto your original heat sink.

    Try something like these. So cheap it's not a biggie if they dont fit.
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