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Greetings, I'm upgrading my PC My Present setup Intel core i7-3770 (8 cores) On a MSI Z77A-G43 GEN 3, Antec Gaming Series 620 Watt Performance PSU, Asus GEforce GTX 560 TI 2 GIG DDR5 overclocked edition. My question can i add a GTX 680 to this set up? I hoping it will improve my GPU rendering using VRAY.

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  1. You can only run SLI with cards that are identical series (ie, 2x 680 or 2x 560 Ti). You can, however, replace the 560 Ti with the 680.
  2. Well, you can't just go "Ta-da! My rig has a 560Ti and 680!" You'd have to do SLI. And the 560Ti and 680 can't be SLI'd together. You could get another identical 560Ti though; But I don't think that your power supply would be capable of powering both of them.

    EDIT: Slomo beat me to it. Lol.
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