Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Cooling

Hi guys, so I am about to buy a "used" Q6600 since I couldn't find a new one, the ones I found don't have a heatsink with them.

I have a heatsink with a 2500RPM Fan currently cooling my Pentium 4 650 3.4GHz which runs on 51C Idle and 62C On Load. Does a Q6600 heat more than my P4 since P4 has overheating issues? Would I need a good heatsink if I DON'T want to overclock the Q6600?

What is the recommended Q6600 tempreture range?

My MOBO supports Q6600 and my PSU is 550W.

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  1. The Q6600 are max 69 Celsisus for B1 stepping and 71 for G0 (that OC really well and stay cooler) if you can grab a G0, go for it, i don't recommend the B1 at all...

    i would go for a CM Hyper 212 (about 25$) so cheap and does a great job (better than any in that low priced range)

    FYI: q6600 heat a lot when running at 100% but at idle they don't heat at all due to the Intel Speedstep reducing the ratio and voltage of the CPU...

    PS: if you can afford an I3 get the I3 as it's faster... (comparing to my old Q6600 @ 4.05ghz with 1200mhz ddr2 ram on a P45 chipset) An I3 3220 destroy my 4.05ghz Q6600 in gaming so for roughly 250$ it's a lot better to change CPU/Motherboard and ram than put 150 (don't know how much you would spend on it) on a used Q6600...
  2. since you need a new motherboard and cpu get a new cpu and mobo
  3. Guys can you please answer my question, don't give me alternative solutions. I don't have the money to upgrade my motherboard and buy a CPU, I am just gonna buy a used Q6600, so please answer my question.
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