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hello guys, i am trying to configure a network in my home but i cant figure out how.
i already made what is described in the diagram below, but my router wifi cant get adsl signal. when i unplug from router and plug directly on pc2 the connection is fine, so the signal is reaching all the cables
so is there some config i am doing wrong? my isp uses ppoe and my router works fine when i plug the cable from modem and use dynamic ip.

i want help because it will extend my wifi signal since my modem and my router are wifi. thanks in advance
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  1. Switch the positions of the router and switch.
    DHCP on the router gives the client devices, whether wired or WiFi, their internal IP addresses.
  2. ++ to the retired guy... (I am also retired military...)

    you should be:


    The router has a WAN port on it, normally (on SoHo/consumer) routers the port has a different colored label. Plug the Modens LAN output into the Routers WAN input. Restart both and Bang... Online
  3. doing this i cant extend my signal since the router will have to be in the same room of modem. but in theory, when i connect the cable directly from switch ro pc2 should not have a connection right? when i take off all cables from router everything is working fine, and all pcs have the respective ip address, i think my modem is a router too, because i can connect via wifi to it.

    i think i should buy just an repeater to my wifi signal
    EDIT:checked on my smartphone on wifi, it show both my pcs in network, one is and the other, so my modem is a router too?
  4. What is the "Modem" Cable or actually DSL or a hybrid unit with a cable/DSL modem input to an internal router. Most straight modems will only connect to a single devive (the way it is subnetted) and NOT give a second (or more) device an address.

    So, what is the manufacturer and model number of the "Modem" and who do you use as an ISP?

    IF it is a non-WiFi router, then yes, get an access point ( I suggest Amped Wireless) and plug it into the switch after configuring it.

    Alternately, you can cheat the system by just plugging the Router/Modem 's LAN output into the switch, then take your WiFi Router and plug it into the switch on a LAN port. This will bypass the router portion and let the Modem/Router supply the IP address while allowing you to use the WiFi portion.

  5. my modem is the huawei hg521. is a dsl modem wifi, so i think that is a router too.
    EDIT:i made a "better" drawing:

    between the modem and the is a 10m corridor, and the cable goes in the roof, i need the wifi router near the pc2 to increase the signal in my yard, and with this setup all wifi signal will be more uniform. both modem and router are wifi
  6. ok... just use my Alternate suggestion. Plug the output from the switch into the LAN port of the router and not the WAN port and it will act like a WiFi access point and wired switch... taking the DHCP from the Modem/Router...
  7. do not worked, i plugged the cable from switch in lan of router and connected with my smartphone, it enters the router menu but no internet connection. i tried to deactivate dhcp from router and do not worked. maybe setting up a static ip?
  8. nevermind then... Some routers do not play well....

    I'd dump the Router by PC2 and put a SMart Access Point like this one from Amped Wireless:

    It's on sale...
  9. i'm in Brasil so i will have to buy here, i will have to buy another router to put in place of the switch. one thing that i do not understand is when i plug the modem cable in my router it works instantly, but i just put a switch in the middle and it not work anymore, i was thinking that was easy. but thanks for the help.
  10. It has to do with the DHCP, NAT, and other routing protocol and such...
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