Sapphire Radeon 7970 Vapor X with a 520psu?

So I've just order myself a Sapphire 7970.. However, having just recently read that sapphire recommend a 750w psu for it I'm a little worried my 520w psu will not suffice..

I guess I could get a 750w psu, but it wouldn't be for a week or too and I was hoping to do some decent gaming this weekend. I was just wondering if someone could clarify whether my psu will be enough for that graphics card.. at least for a week or two anyway...

Thanks, :)
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  1. What PSU do you have? (Brand/Model) If it is of good quality it should be enough for a 7970.
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    You'll almost absolutely be okay, with room to spare. See this:

    The test was conducted with your exact video card in a LGA2011 (power hungry) system. If you have anything like this or likely LGA1155, you'll be fine. AMD rigs should be okay too.

    Just to clarify, is it a good model-brand 520W PSU that you have ?
  3. AMD recommends a 500watt with 1-6and1-8pin connector.
    If your power supply is a good brand you should be fine. If it is an elcheapo it may blow up.
    Post your current power supply model and we can tell you for sure.
  4. That's entirely dependent on the specific PSU and the rest of your hardware. you will need to be more specific
  5. It's a seasonic S12II
  6. I've got a Gigabyte Z77X-D3H Motherboard and an i5 3570K.
  7. your seasonic will be fine no need to upgrade.
  8. Tettryn said:
    It's a seasonic S12II

    You'll be fine.
  9. Unolocogringo said:
    your seasonic will be fine no need to upgrade.

    Great! Thanks for clarifying this for me guys :) I was a little worried I'd have to upgrade my psu after having only recently purchased it...
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