New motherboard problems

So I originally built myself a computer for gaming, I made the dumb mistake to order a micro atx MB and case. Although it all ran fine with my radeon 6950, but I knew i wanted to upgrade to a mid sized case for better air flow.

So I did just that. And when my new mother board and case came in I took out my phenom cpu and heatsink and put it in the new motherboard along with the ram and psu. I wanted to test and when I did I saw the fans would spin for a split second then stop. I checked my 8 pin 12v atx cpu connector and I tried all the possible combinations with my 2 4pin atx connectors with no luck.
I thought it was just my new MB that was having problems so I put it all back in my old MB and soon found out it was now having the same problem as my new mother board was having (fans spinning for a split seccond then shutting off).

I know all the parts I had in my old rig worked because they were all working before.. Any help on what could be causing this?

What I have hooked up in the mobo; cpu power, 24 pin power, cpu fan, 1 stick of RAM (tried in everyslot by the way)

Any help would be MUCH appreciated.
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  1. What are your specs?
  2. garrettk4 said:
    What are your specs?

    (machine I'm currently trying to get up and running)
    Amd phenom ii x4

    Antec 300 case

    Gigabyte GA-970A-D3

    power supply rated at 750w

    sapphire radeon 6950

    8gb of ram
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