Rosewill Case - front panel pushed inwards

I have a Rosewill CHALLENGER-U3n link below for reference.

I felt that the USB 3.0 inputs were always snug and the over panel was not that sturdy but I can't believe it got pushed in. Basically, the plastic mounts just snapped and broke off. Having just one of those screwed mounts detached has left the entire panel unstable, weak, and pushed in. As you can see from the link, the entire panel includes the audio sockets, usb ports, and power and reset. I'm not sure if Rosewill can replace that since it seems like a propriety piece designed for that specific case. Does anyone know if I can get a replacement? I know can get separate new usb 3.0 headers.

Well, now I know to get cases that have those I/O's as separate panels. It was a freak accident, as I never push or pulled with extreme force, just seems the quality was not up to par. Then again this is an opportunity to upgrade lol.
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  1. I have a rosewill thor v2, with the IO cluster built into the top of the case. I contacted customer support because it had an older design with with out the back USB3 cables (the description said interior headers as they updated the design). They had no problem sending a replacement with the new USB 3 header cables. But they didn't send just the IO panel so I'd have to try and install it, they sent the ENTIRE top case panel which is a LARGE part. And they did it completely free of charge. With no argument, just provided them my newegg invoice. And they even sent it through neweggs order system.

    Point is they can probably get the part one way or the other as it came on the case, and their support was great. Now whether they WILL if you broke it not them, and whether they can SELL them if they won't who's knows. But it can't hurt to send a nicely worded request to their customer support email.
  2. Nice to know that you had positive experience from rosewil, thanks for the input. Will give them a call. The entire front bezel would be ideal, kind of like your case.
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