is my CPU temp normal?

Last week I just finished my first rig that I personally built, its CPU is Pentium G2020, when it was new it idles at 33-37 Celsius, but now after a week or so, it idles at 38-41 this normal?
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  1. What's the ambient temperature? Does your case provide adequate ventilation, i.e., does it have at least one exhaust fan? How did you measure the CPU temperature?
  2. the case is just a generic one, it got one sidefan, as for the ambient temperature im not sure, but its pretty hot here in my place..I used core that temp high for pentium g2020?
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    No need to be worried about it unless it gets too hot while running applications. Do you realize that your CPU idles at a temperature that's just slightly warmer than your body?

    Does the fan blow on the motherboard? Can't you add another fan in the back? Ideally you'd keep your room temperature comfortable for both yourself and your system.
  4. well ok thanks man, i'll try to add another fan if I can..but that temp is still ok right?, at what temp should I be worried?
  5. You should be worried if the CPU temperature gets high enough to make the CPU throttle (it lowers it's speed to protect itself). What's the temperature when you run Prime95 torture tests for at least 15 minutes? While running it, use CPU-Z to monitor the CPU to make sure that it keeps on running at full speed. Peak temperature is far more important than idle temperature.
  6. i'm not sure how to do a torture test dude, but you answered my question and put my worries to rest. so thanks man!
  7. You simply run Prime95 and select Torture tests.
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