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I have a 42" Sanyo TV that when I try to make the resolution 1920x1080 it doesnt fit. It's as if the resolution is too big to fit in the screen and so its cut off. IDK what I can do to fix this.

Here is a link to the TV.

And the Graphics Card I'm using is a PNY GTX 580.

The only resolution that I can get to work on it is 1768x992 and that only offers me 30Hz refresh rate. =/

If you need any more information please do ask. And one more thing I have tried to manually scale down my screens size on the TV in the Menu but it is still cutting of a bit of the screen.
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  1. under nvidia control panel click on adjust desktop size and position.

    click on the size tab, click the resize button then ok, you should be able to calibrate it here.
  2. You're definitely using HDMI?
  3. Someone Somewhere said:
    You're definitely using HDMI?

    Yes, I'm using a DVI-D to HDMI cable.
  4. Also I can use my TV's remote and hit a button called PIX SHAPE which will cycle it threw 7 different variations of screen size and on variation 6 it will actually fit the screen 100% correct it looks like but everything is blurry on the screen.

    Like as if every thing has a shadow almost is the best I can describe it.
  5. what i suggested didn't work?
  6. boju said:
    what i suggested didn't work?

    I tried that but it ends up scaling it down to 1768x1004 and there ends up being a small black border on the very right hand side.
  7. oh ok sorry, how about the option below the resize button with selecting either overscan/underscan and in conjunction with the tv's own scan settings?
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