Will a 64GB Solid state drive(SDD) be enough?

I have a 500 gig HDD.
I just want to put windows on this thing.(SDD)
Will I be left with suff. space even after hibernation file occupy and stuff?
I will have all my games on HDD.(Only 2 or 3) and movies and HDD.
Only a corel videostudio on this extra(at max)
Will this suffice?
Should I get 128 gig?(Really not budget friendly where I am from)
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  1. 64 is enough with few apps, and hibernate disabled (if you have lots of ram, otherwise its ok), i was working on 30 for a good while but was too close.
  2. Hi
    I have a 120GB SSD first 42 GB for Win XP remainder (78GB) for Win 7
    I have trouble keeping Win XP from filling drive up
    every month more Windows updates arrive

    If you run disk cleanup & CCleaner regularly and relocate My documents to hard disk D: you should be just be OK
    some SSD's are 60GB others are 64GB
    (hard disk manufacturers define GB meaning 10^9 not 1024^3)

    Is your Windows 32bit or 64 bit ?
    and how much ram to you have. ?
    this affects size of hybernation file & page file
    (16GB RAM and Win 64 bit and you will not have enough room on 64GB SSD)

    Does your PC support SATA III ?
    if only SATA II then SSD SATA II drives are cheaper

    Mike Barnes
  3. I have an 64 bit windows 7 home premium
    I am planning on having another 4gig stick with my exsisting 4 gig.(so 8 gig in total).
    And yes mine support SATA3.
  4. Short answer Yes, Recommended No. My Min Recommended is 80 Gigs and reco0mmended is 120/124 Gig

    1) Usable space for a 60/64 gig SSD is approx. 45 gigs/48Gigs. You loss 4 gig when formatting, then you should leave approx. 20% (recommended USE to be 10%) FREE so that Wear Leveling, Gargbage Collector (CG) and TRIM can work their magic keeping performance up to specs.
    2) Limited benefit - Only speeds up Window load - Nice, but how often do you boot/reboot. If this time Bugs you then Yes a Small SSD will take the "Stress" out of turning it on (I Upgraded my wife's for that very reason - she was BUGGED about power on time).
    3) 60/64 not really cost effect when the 120/128 is about 50% higher in cost but double the space
    4) Tweaks (Savings based on 8 gigs of ram) (I do these 3 tweaks My 128 gig/256 gig SSDs used as a OS + Program drive.
    ... Disable Hibernation - saves approx. 6->8 gigs space
    ... Set page file (Virtual memory) Min and Max BOTH to 1024 mb - Saves approx. 11 gigs. Note this can be relocated to the HDD w/small performance hit - Even If you move to the HDD still recommend setting Min & max both to 1024 mbs
    ... Limit the amount of diskspace that restore points can have. Typically Win will allocate about 10 % of diskspace for restore points. Each restore point is 300 mb, just 10 restore points = 3 Gigs. Recommend limiting size to 1 G while will hold the Last three restore points.

    @ mbarnes86 - "some SSD's are 60GB others are 64GB
    (hard disk manufacturers define GB meaning 10^9 not 1024^3)"
    Your reason is why a formatted size is less than manuf stated size. ie a 60 gig SSD formats to approx. 56 gigs (64 gig SSD approx. 60 Gigs. But not the "advertised" size.
    Both the 60 and 64 gig have the same amount of memory but the 60 allocates more to the reserved (hidden) area. Typically the Sandforce controller SSDs were 60/120/240 gig SSD while the 64/128/256 gig SSD used a Marvel or Samsung Controller.
  5. Very informative. Ty
    And btw where I live( 128 gb ssd is well , twice as 60gb ssd)
    No the price curve you would expect. That is the main reason I asked. (I have to play 90USD TO get a 60 gig)?
    Anyway I could get it from US apart from global easybuy??(I live in India)
  6. Understand, Often wonder How much hidden taxes are included in many of the countries where they are considerably higher, as they come from a single source (Asia).
  7. You could just get a SATA hdd, a 2tb HDD is still cheaper than a 128gb SSD. Performance-wise the SATA hdd will be about 3 seconds slower than an SSD.
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