Intel core I7 860 @ 2.80GHz overclock

So basicly my question is can I overclock this, I am playing planetside 2 but my cpu is a bit on the old side and giving 30 fps in major fights, the CPU temperature is about 55 while im playing the game on max settings.

GPU = nvidia gtx 660 TI
RAM= 8192 mb
pc = ixtreme m5741 from packard bell but ofc the RAM and GPU are not the original ones
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  1. yep you can! .. oc depend your motherboard and your CPU cooler and sure enough power for it .. don't use PSU limited power (minimum requirement GPU) and it's own your risk
    this is just sample OC the i7 860
  2. Foxconn H57M01P8-1.1-8EKS3H Motherboard apparently
  3. i never hear your mobo for OC is good or not , as long as the bios support it you can do it .. and don't forget lesson first about OC ... good luck
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