Building my first computer dont know if parts are good

1 x Seagate Barracuda 1TB
ST1000DM003 $69.00

1 x CoolerMaster K350 Gamer
USB 3.0 $59.00

1 x Corsair Vengeance
CML8GX3M2A1600C9 8GB
(2x4GB) DDR3 $75.00

1 x Intel Core i5 3570K $235.00

1 x Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H
Motherboard $243.00

1 x Microsoft Windows 7 Home
Premium 64bit with SP1
OEM $99.00

1 x Gigabyte GHOST M8000X
Gaming Mouse $52.00

1 x Gigabyte Radeon HD7970
GHz Edition 3GB $449.00

1 x LG EA63V-P 23in LED IPS
Widescreen Monitor $209.00

1 x CoolerMaster Hyper 612
PWM CPU Cooler $49.00

1 x Antec High Current Gamer
750W Power Supply
HCG-750 $139.00

1 x Cherry Stream XT
Ultraflat Keyboard $25.00

1 x LG GH24NS95 24x SATA
DVD-RW Drive OEM $25.00
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  1. overal is good, but some parts arent

    Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H
    Motherboard $243.00
    too expensive for mobo. u can get good OC mobo under US$150
  2. OK, though a few comments: You don't need that pricey a mobo. Get something like the GA-Z77X-D3H or the Z77 Extreme4.

    Your PSU is overkill for one 7970 - get about 500W. Perfect for crossfire if you want to do that later though.

    It might be worth waiting a few weeks for Haswell - even if you stick with IB, prices are likely to go down.
  3. I'm from Australia and all the prices are so much more expensive then the rest of the world it sucks.
  4. Not sure what you mean by that exactly. A cheaper mobo is still going to be cheaper. One of these: is only a little more expensive than it would cost in the US.
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