PCIE 2.1 GPU card compatibility with PCIE X 16 slot on Asus P5K-V mobo

I have Asus P5K-V motherboard which has a PCI express X 16 slot. It is not mentioned whether it is 1.0 or 2.0 or 2.1.

Most Graphics cards that I see today are PCI E 2.1 compatible. Will such a card work on my mobo?

Looking for answers from people who have experience with the same mobo.

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  1. Yes it will, but at reduced bandwidth. See HERE

  2. any mobo with an X16 pcie slot will handle any modern GPU. though you might get a little reduced performance but it wont impact much on your gaming experience as stated in the link above. PCIe 1 2 and 3 are backwards compatible with each other
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    Yes and no.
    In theory it does backward compatible, but the fact is some PCI-E 1.x motherboards need to update BIOS to recognize pcie2.1 AMD card. And if you have the old MB that don' have a bios update then it can't detect the card.

    I check your MB bios version, it has the newer version came out 7/28/2008. Your MB has the G33 chipset that came out Q207. So it may or may not compatible with the pcie2.1 card. If you already have the card just install it to see you can boot the PC or not. If you don't buy the card yet, you are better to contact ASUS to ask the BIOS info or buy the pcie2.0 or3.0 card instead the pcie2.1 card.
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