retarded cooling, or junk cooling?


I'm looking for some help in determining if I need a new cooling system.

It's a reasonably new system. amd phenom II x4 965

My fan has been running really high for a long time and I've always had smartfan enabled in the bios.

I've started getting really sick of the noise. It was running at 4,500 at idle, then 6,500 while in use. (Idle 32-37C. and never saw the cpu get hotter than 55C under such conditions). Even just in BIOS the fan ran at 4,500rpms.

So, I just changed the settings with my motherboards "easytune" software.

I got the fan down to 2200 rpms and 37-40C while idle and its very quiet.
When I push the cpu, I start hitting 60C at 4,000 rpm. (this is still fairly quiet. It's like 4,500 is the key number, when it sounds like a car engine)

Does this sound reasonable? Was my fan just acting stupid? Are these new temperatures reasonable?

I'm not sure I can identify my cooling system. It just says "AV" on the fan.
It does have lots of exposed copper piping. (I understand this is a sign of a good modern cooling system?)

It's like running at that stupid high speed in idle wasn't really cooling it much at all? Sounds like the "smartfan" mode was being very very stupid. It seems like I've gotten rid of all the noise without raising the cpu temperature more than a few degrees. Or are these temperatures too hot for idle?

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  1. It sounds like you have one of those stock fans that came bundled with the Phenom II's. They are LOUD and high pitched when running fast. They have to, in order to cope with the processor at high loads (and high ambient temperatures, like a poorly ventilated case or high heat of summer). A small fan and small heatsink implies necessarily higher RPMs and louder (and harmonically distasteful) noises when trying to cool the processor.

    If you want to invest in a cooler for not much money but better performance and acoustics, may I suggest the CoolerMaster Hyper 212 series ? I.e.:

    EDIT: That "AVC" logo you see on the fan is the OEM maker of the fan and heatsink assembly for AMD. So I'm pretty sure you have the stock Phenom II fan, like this one:

  2. 60c under load is fine, well within tolerance levels for the cpu design.
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