Sapphire HD 7870 XT Display problem (HDMI)

Hey guys I have a little problem: I had build my gaming pc but it lacked a dedicated gpu, I was using the i5 3570k's integrated graphics. This worked fine, altough I wanted to game so I bought the Sapphire HD 7870 XT (with Tahiti LE). Everything seemed fine at first startup but windows detected it as a 'VGA display adapter' which was kind off strange, also my tv/monitor said as output 'DVI 1080p' even tough I am running it trough an HDMI connection. So after installing the AMD catalyst software and installing the drivers it became detected as the Radeon HD 7800 series.

But here is the problem: The display is all messed up and ugly looking and CPU-Z isn't really showing the specs of my 7870. In the bios it runs fine with nice colors and the PICe card is chosen as the main GPU.

Here are some pics:

i5 3570k @3,4ghz (standard)
asrock z77 pro 3
Corsair Vengeance 2x4gb
Corsair CX600
Seagate 1tb HDD
Sapphire HD 7870 XT with boost

Monitor: Salora 22LCF 5000TD

Thanks in advance (and for reading all of this)!
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  1. Have you gone into your device manager and tried disabling your integrated graphics altogether? Or try doing that in the BIOS
  2. Use gpuz not cpuz. Not sure what's "ugly"about the pic of the display. Look normal to me. If you don't like the "colors" then adjust the color balance
  3. Yes I did that, in the bios it is set that the PCIe card is the main gpu, I can't disable the integrated graphics card. Already tried uninstalling the 4000 graphics but for some reason everytime I boot after a while windows starts installing the standard windows drivers for it.
  4. The screen shot of the desktop seems fine to me, am i missing something? care to elaborate on the problem?
    As for the cpu-z screen shots, i've never seen it read graphics card info properly, try gpu-z:
    btw gpu-z will read the card as a '7800 series' card also, thats just how it goes.
  5. I have exactly the same reaction as the above posters. I don't see what the problem is? Looks normal to me?

    - Fastreaction
  6. If the screenshot looks fine, but the display doesn't, then your monitor could be defective
  7. Hmm you guys are right, I looked at the pictures with my laptop and they seem pretty fine. I also installed GPU-Z and that is fine too. I will try to upload a bigger desktop picture because on my screen it is all blurry and I can barely read text. So it has to do something with my monitor? I can try vga but that wouldn't really be a great thing to do considering I spent 200€ on a gpu.

    here's the link:
  8. The screenshot still looks fine to me, try adjusting the sharpness setting on your monitor.
  9. Definitely just your monitor
  10. Hey Mastrec. I have exactly the same Issue. All the people here sees perfectly the picture because when you try to snap it with the HDMI and the colors seem ugly to you, when you post the picture we can see it perfectly.

    I made the test with a samsung LED TV Monitor and a phillips LED TV and its the same in both screens. If I plug the video with VGA I see perfectly well all the colours and stuff. But when I plug the video on HDMI in both monitor and tv the colours look really ugly. They told me that HDMI should be better than VGA. Aswell I have a PS3 plug it to HDMI and seems to be no problem. The colours are good. I think that it has to be something about the HDMI port of our Graphic Card.

    Please if you found a solution for this like drivers o updates let me know.

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