Can I store my important data on thumb drive with Ubuntu Installation ?

I am gonna try the newly released Ubuntu 13.04, first time entering Ubuntu from Windows 8. I do not want dual boot. I will be doing the installation of Ubuntu from my thumb flash drive. Windows installation + my important data is stored on the drive. (Windows installation for future roll back to my windows 8).

SO, Is there any way, through which I can install Ubuntu from my flash drive and my data saved on it + windows installation files also saved ?:D

Please help.
Waiting for reply's with help would b appreciated......
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  1. If you are looking to just try ubuntu, I would NOT try to put it on the same thumb drive as your data. Instead, just download the distro (I prefer mint to ubuntu) and burn the iso to a cd. Run the cd from boot and try it out. Little cost for a cd/dvd, 0% chance of data corruption on your thumb drive.

    If you want to save ubuntu data and setup for "reuse", buy a cheap 8gb thumb drive, go HERE and use this thumb drive installer and set a 2-4g persistance file. That way you can "save" your driver setup, data, etc., yet still not do an install on your desktop.

  2. Well I was just thinking to do something like this :
    - I have a 16GB thumb drive.
    - my data will be saved on my hard drive (windows 8 installed)
    - I will format my thumb drive.
    - Just put the Linux Software on it (Also called Live Disk ........ Something like this)
    - So, Ubuntu is ready to boot.
    - I will not get any type of dual boot.
    - My data will be preserved on my HDD.
    - I f I want my PC to just look like Ubuntu installed on it, i.e.- no dual boot selection options,
    I will firstly go into the BIOS and set the first boot device as my thumb drive, so Ubuntu will boot first and no need to go to select windows / Ubuntu dual boot options. When I want to use Windows , the same method above, change the boot device (1st) to HDD.

    Well Some doubts,
    - Will the live thumb drive really work like Ubuntu installed on HDD ,i.e.- no gain or loss in applications or feature / softwares in the installation either Ubuntu is running on live disk or running through installation on HDD

    Please clear my doubts, and I will be very helpful to you......
  3. That's the nice thing about linux - you can really TRY it without making a hard commitment.

    You have the boot concept correct - boot the thumb or boot a cd or boot a hdd.

    As far as performance goes, the answer is no, it will not perform as well as a hard install. All the features will be there, you can use any of the software, etc., etc., but because you are using a bus that is not really designed for an o/s, you will notice some lag. However, for just trying it out it works very well - you can install drivers for your gpu, create documents, save and edit data - everything you can do on an hdd, you can do with a live thumb, just a little slower.

    Try it out - it will give you an idea of if you like it or not. Do yourself a favor and do NOT make a snap decision - linux is different than windows and will require you to "learn". But, it's a great system with LOTS of software (free). The biggest drawback for most people is the gaming experience - you cannot run windows games directly on linux (but you can through a virtual machine).

    The method you are thinking of is exactly how I got started in linux. My responses to you are via my desktop box which dual boots W7 and Linux Mint 14 - I only use W7 for my limited gaming. Everything else is via linux.

  4. Well I don't just game b'cause my laptop is just a crap piece.
    I just want the OS the run smoothly and according to system requirements, its enough for my pc : celeron cpu 900 + 1gb ram + 160gb hdd + integrated graphics.
    So, My Ubuntu download is just about to complete in half an hour.
    What should I do ? Which way should I go ?
  5. Try it on the thumb drive before you commit to installing. I'm guessing your W8 experience is from something other than your laptop? What is currently on the laptop and what is the laptop?
  6. My Laptop is running Windows 8 Pro.
    My Windows corrupted 3 days ago and fixed it after many tries today.........
    The problem was:
    I was just merging two unallocated partitions , one of 30gb and one of 351mb into C drive with AOMEI Partition assistant. (I was merging the partition for making space for Ubuntu .

    My laptop is Dell Vosto 1015 4years old.
    Celeron processor 900 @ 2.2GHz
    1gb ram
    160gb hdd
    Integrated graphics.
  7. Sometimes installs of more "modern" versions of windows on older machines can cause headaches. I dual boot both my desktop and my laptop - one with W7/Mint 14 and one with WXP/Mint13. When I set both up, I used THIS link for guidance and it worked very well.

    I still think, just to preserve your sanity, that you should give linux a try by running it on a thumb drive with a persistant cache. Give it a few weeks (ignoring any lag/slowdown) and then make your decision. I have a 160g drive in my old Dell D820 and when I finally decided to install for a dual boot, I allocated 40g which has been more than enough for the last year.

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