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hello guys!:) I'm thinking of getting a new laptop since my dell latitude d600 doesn't seem to cut it anymore:D

I don't know which one though so i need help.My requirements are:

1)Many browsers/tabs open at the same time while surfing the net(like 3 tabs on google chrome).

2)decent gpu for hd vids on youtube.

What i don't like is too much waiting for pages to open and all that crashing that goes on while surfing.

I'm between a b980 and i3-23xxM...I suppose ram should be at least 2gb right?
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  1. Your requirements are not too high. I am fairly sure the integrated HD graphics on the intel chips should be able to run 1080p vids on youtube and most laptops come with 4GB of ram which should be plenty. Waiting for pages to open is more a internet speed thing and crashing is probably due to either the low speed or some instability somewhere.
  2. You don't need a good GPU for hd videos on youtube. Lol. Ram should probably be 4gb if you want to open applications quickly. I'd recommend the b980.
  3. what is your budget? 6gb 1600 mhz ram and hd 4000+ is good, would not recommend a celeron/pentium processor or a 2nd gen i3. 2gb of ram is not enough these days.
  4. attk mast3r thanks for your reply but i really don't think i'll be needing such a great laptop...If i was to spend more than 400 euros i'd save some more and build a desktop that would also do for gaming.

    Now,i have noticed that even though the internet speed is the same in the house i get around webpages a lot faster with my desktop than with the laptop i'm using now.Sometimes when i'm waiting for a page to load and i click somewhere on it ''not responding'' comes up and i have to choose ''end now'' and start from beginning.

    Why could this be happening???
  5. ^^^

    Assuming both PC and laptop are connected to a wireless router, that would suggest the wireless hardware in the laptop is inferior to the desktop. It could also be a driver issue.

    As for the laptop, I would simply buy either a Core i3 Sandy Bridge of Ivy Bridge CPU. Can you get by with a B980? Sure, but a laptop with either a Core i3-2xxx or 3xxx CPU will likely last you a bit longer since programs tends to be more resource intensive as time progresses. It may delay the need to buy a new laptop by 1 or 2 years. As for RAM you want at least 4GB. You can generally install another 4GB in most laptops should the need arise.
  6. thanks again.

    ok so i have two tabs open...I try to switch from one to another and then it sticks.Like,half the screen is one tab and the other half is the other...Is this still a speed problem?

    Another example..When i press the x button at the top right side of the screen to close the tab/windowwhile the page is loading it says program not responding and i have to click ''end now''...Are you sure this is a speed problem also???What does internet speed have to do with closing the window?
  7. It generally means Windows is unstable or the browser is unstable. Generally speaking, a fresh install of Windows should fix the issue.

    You can try installing an update for the browser (if there is one) or install another browser. So if it happens with Internet Explorer, then see if there is an update. If not then try FireFox or Chrome. If you are using FireFox or Chrome, then uninstall them and reinstall.
  8. I'd recommend chrome for a older laptop, as it is seems to be much more "snappier" than firefox on slower systems. Both are miles ahead of internet explorer.
  9. thank you very much!!!
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