Complete System Crash/Failure--System Will Not Start At All, Uncertain of Issue (Mobo, PSU??)

Home build, but together about two years ago.

Has worked mostly flawlessly since built. Several days ago, the system went into complete shutdown unexpectedly while admittedly being taxed more than usual. Streaming and Pandora radio simultaneously while encoding MKV video into MP4. After system shut down, the LED in the power button remained lit, flashing. I held it down for a forced complete shut down. Moments later, I tried rebooting. When attempted, the LED power button began flashing but nothing happened otherwise (did not notice if fans were spinning). I unplugged the PSU, plugged it back in, then re-attempted. Pushing the power button yielded absolutely nothing.

Search so far:

After Google-ing as much as possible, I have not come up with conclusive results and have been unable to locate a Motherboard Speaker at my local Radio Shack. Are there more telling steps that I am missing? Is it rash to assume that it must be my Motherboard? Could there be something wrong with the CPU? If I do wind up replacing the Motherboard (and potentially CPU), can I "plug and play" it without having to reinstall Windows? Were my tests with PSUs not conclusive enough?

Help greatly appreciated.
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  1. As long as the HDD is fine all your data is fine. The 6 pin connector is not for the motherboard, it is for a Graphics Card. Try connecting the 4 pin connector.
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