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Pioneer VSX-822-k Getting Static From Computer

May 18, 2013 8:39:43 AM

Alright, I will try and keep this concise.

1. I wanted an A/V Receiver to handle my HDMI and audio from my desktop
2. I purchased a Pioneer VSX-822-k
3. I hooked everything up, and it works
4. Computer goes to sleep, receiver is off
5. Come back, turn receiver on, turn projector on and all I get is static
6. Unplug the hdmi, plug it back in and I get video (either on the card or the receiver end)
7. I swap out the Radeon card I had for a newer version of the same card - have the exact same issue

Any ideas where the issue lies? I've tried different cables, different ports on the receiver, etc. I also tried a DVI to HDMI from the video card and in the brief time I used it it seemed to work, but I wasn't getting 5.1 audio out of the optical port so that was not a working solution.

Can't seem to figure this out.
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