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guys 2 years back i copied my data in a pen drive and transferred it to my new laptop...after that pen drive was used frequently to copy and delete various can i recover the data which i copied 2 years back from the pen drive??

how much recent(days/months/years) data can be recovered from a 8 gb pendrive?
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  1. There's just no way you can recover from that pendrive 'cause you rewrote it many times.

    When you delete something the content doesn't get actually deleted.
    That space becomes available for data to be written on it and hence the original data gets lost.
    If you had formatted the drive and not written data over it, you can use Recuva for data recovery.

    In your case however, it might not be possible to recover desired data.
  2. You're almost certainly out of luck. 2 years worth of frequent writes and deletes have overwritten whatever was there.
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