Nvidia GPU no longer working.

Hi all. I recently updated my laptop's BIOS via Samsung updates, and to put it simply my Nvidia GPU no longer works. It's a GT650m, and I used to be able to use it to run Internet Explorer, games such as Skyrim etc, but now nothing at all. Any clues as to what I should do? Thanks, and sorry, I'm not a tech expert...
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  1. Your screen is still displaying an image? If so your graphics card is working on some level. What happens when you try to run applications and games ?
  2. I have both Integrated graphics and the dedicated Nvidia GPU. Before the BIOS update, both the integrated graphics and Nvidia were available for use, but now the Nvidia is unavailable, even though the Nvidia control panel is there and I still have the option to customise which programs use the GPU. I have several games, such as Skyrim, which can now only detect the Intel integrated graphics, but now it can't detect the Nvida GPU at all...
  3. Have you gone into your Bios and checked to see if your on some form of setting thats choosing intergrated over your dedicated gpu?
  4. After bios flashing usually the bio options reset to default which is most likely when it reverted back to your integrated gpu
  5. Yes I've tried, but I can't seem to fid any gpu/monitor related options in the BIOS.
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    Have you looked in device manager to see if both gpu's are available, if so disable your integrated gpu. This will make it so your dedicated gpu is always selected. Right click computer then select device manager on the left hand side
  7. I've just gone into device manager, selected the Nvidia GPU, and simply selected "disable", and then re-enabled it, and that seems to have done it. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
  8. No problem do you mind selecting best answer :P
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