my gpu is getting extreamly hot,dnt knw what to do,plzz help.

i m using gtx 650 ti with i5-3570k & 450 watt psu,
jst after playing nfs mw fr 5 or 6 mins my gpu temp goes to 60-65 degree c recently,bt a few days back i noticed it only got 45 degree after playing nfs mw fr 1hr...plzz help.thanks in advance.
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  1. 60-65 is actually pretty low for a gpu. Nothing to worry about.

  2. your temp is ok. maybe the 45 deg that you saw was on a cold day, or maybe a few moments after playing and the temps came down already.
  3. ohh...thanks a lott# both of u...i thought my heatsink was not working :-(
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