HDMI, DVI, GTX580 and 120Hz Questions

Im planning on buying a new monitor, the BenQ XL2420T, and since it is a 120Hz monitor, I stumbled upon a few questions:

1 - After researching, I saw many people saying that in order to get a true 120Hz experience, I would need to use a DVI-D port or a Display Port, but then I saw that HDMI 1.4b could output 1080p@120Hz. Is that true?

2 - When talking about HDMI versions, are those only cable versions or are there plug versions aswell ? If there are plug versions, how to tell which version is the one I have? (I know, for the cable, that it should be written somewhere near the plug). For the lack of my english, Im refering as plug the place where you put the HDMI cable in, like on the back of a TV or on a Graphic Card.

3 - My Graphic Card is a GTX 580 SSC 015-P3-1582-AR, which has 2 DVI-I ports and a single mini-HDMI port. Will I be able to output 1080p@120Hz connection-wise? If so, which port should be used?

Thank you all for the help =)
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  1. Everything will work fine if you use a DVI-D cable.
  2. 1. You'll need a Displayport or Dual Link DVI-D cable, a normal DVI-D will not get you 120hz, and neither will HDMI, as the monitor itself does not support HDMI 1.4b.

    2. The cable should look the same on all HDMI versions, though HDMI 1.4b doesn't exist on monitors yet, so I suppose I can't be certain.

    3. Your card doesn't likely support HDMI 1.4b anyways. Just use the Dual Link DVI-D cable that comes with the monitor.
  3. Just to be clear, DVI-I works like DVI-D also, right ?
  4. Monttanha said:
    Just to be clear, DVI-I works like DVI-D also, right ?

    DVI-I supports both DVI-A and DVI-D. It can also support Dual Link DVI-D, but not always.
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