How to hook up audio from a pc to a tv

HI, im trying to get audio to play through my tv because right now i have no sound and i have to use headphones all the time. I am connected through HDMI and i have a 7870 video card, a gigabyte z77-DS3H mother board, and onboard 7.1 sound. So is there a way to get audio playing through my pc. I would rather not buy a sound card or speakers, is there like a cable i can use to do this, because my computer does not have the red,white, and yellow cables.
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  1. Your tv should support HDMI audio input, the onboard tv speakers play hdmi audio and under sound settings there should be an hdmi output device that may be disabled, setting that as default should allow the tv to play pc audio.
  2. Gam3r01 suggestion should work. But you might be able to connect your audio OUT 3.5mm jackplug to a 3.5mm jackplug audio IN on your tv. Not all tv support this but could be a quick way around your problem;)
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