Automate Web Browser and Execute the automation even when I am not at the computer

I need to go to one website and press a button after every 3 hours all the time.
So cud someone help me to find a way to automate my web browser and run the automation even if I am not at the computer.

I tried to write a batch file with just the URL of this button and put it on loop with timeouts of 3 hours after every execution but it did not work
I have heard that it can be done with Excel or Google chrome automation addon but the problem is that I need it to run by it self after every 3 hours.

here is the site:
And the button I want to press is the orange voting button with heart and numbers.
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  1. your speed internet drop / your provider is blocked / maybe blocked by firewall .. i can open in 3second
  2. I'm not sure we should help you rig a vote. Most sites want votes or likes which are genuine not automated ones which distort the opinion. If it means that much to you, do it manually.
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