Windows 8 using to much ram

What the title says.

16 Gigs of ram and there is 11 gigs in use when idoling, nothing open except steam and task manager yet 11/16 gigs of ram is in use. How would i go about fixing this, if possible or even a problem?
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  1. There is nothing to worry about! Win8 manages the memory on it's own and will free it up for your apps if needed.
  2. I would worry, since any extra amount over your ram amount will page and slow down your hdd also taking some cpu cycles with it. Could you post a screenshot of your processes?
  3. Windows 8 dynamically manages memory. However since you have Task Manager open you can use it to determine what is using memory.

    @k1114 When something can't be written in physical ram and gets written into the page file is called a page fault.
  4. You've got it backwards, a page fault is when software is trying to access what is not in ram. It's still not a good idea to let it page. There shouldn't be a good reason why 11gb is being used with just steam, right now my w8 rig is using 1.4/8.
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