Cpu Cooler crashes computer

I opened up my case because i realized i didnt hook my cd rom to my mobo. I put the side panel back on and tried to turn on my pc and it didnt start. So i took the side panel off, made sure everything was connected and then started putting the side panel back on again, before it was put on all the way my computer fan lights turned on, then off right after, signaling that the computer started to turn on but something went wrong. I identified part of the problem when i tried to straighten my cpu cooler (Noctua dh 14, which is big enough for the side panel to push down on my mobo slightly) and my computer turned off immediately. Ever since then, The LED lights on the front of my computer is very dim when i start my computer, but brightens up after a few seconds. I suspect that there could be a short circuit on the mobo. What do you guys think?

Just to be clear, my cooler is kinda heavy, so its slightly slanted downward, which is why i tried straightening it. Other than the crashing and dim lights, everything is fine, and the temps are the same.
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  1. Could be thin motherboard and the cooler bending traces. Or you forgot to use all of the standoffs and the mb shorting out to the case or the mb bending and shorting to the case.
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