Help Please: Monitor Goes Into Power Saving Mode

Kingston 2 x 4GB RAM (on A2 + B2 slots)
ASUS HD 7770 1GB
Corsair HX850 PSU
Samsung 240GB SSD

I just put this together. The 6-pin cable is also connected to the GPU. When I boot, I see the TUF splash screen and can enter BIOS very briefly as the monitor quickly goes blank or into power saving mode. If I don't enter BIOS, monitor goes blank anyway seconds later.

I've tried using the VGA/DVI adapter, as well as another monitor. Same result. I don't have another graphics card to test and try to isolate the issue. Any suggestions on how to resolve this issue? Anyone experiencing the same problem?
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  1. Put in your OS cd and try to install it.
  2. ur6beersaway said:
    Put in your OS cd and try to install it.

    Same result. Monitor goes into power saving mode. Thanks though.
  3. It turned out to be a faulty graphics card. Thread can be closed. Thanks.
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