Red PCIe plug on psu with adapter that splits into two PCIe 6+2

My 5850 requires two pcie 6 pin power plugs. My psu has one RED pcie power plug and came with a cable that splits into two pcie 6+2 pin plugs. Does the special one RED plug denote that it is essentially powerful enough to support two connectors and will power my gpu fine?
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  1. No you will need an additional (separate) 6+2 cable for your card to run properly. From psu to the card color doesn't matter. The +2 is not used on either cable.
  2. most likely it could, but personally i wouldn't risk it. but that is just me, for my peace of mind.

    i would suggest that you start saving up if you dont have money yet, and get a better psu. because in your next upgrade you might not be able to use that. im assuming that your psu is a bit old already.

    may we know the brand and model of the psu pls.

    I know its garbage, this is my girlfriends pc and she really just surfs the web and plays WoW and RCT3, THATS IT. So i gave her my old 5850. The funny thing is, im posting from her computer right now with that cable powering the 5850 that i mentioned in my first post. ALL the other plugs on this PSU are black and are 6 pin... with the bottom middle pin missing. There is ONE red (im guessing the red denotes it being special) plug actually labeled PCIe, and it has ALL 6 pins. This cable i have splits that one red plug into two, and its working fine. What i dont know is if im losing performance because of that? Or is it one of thise things where if it doesnt have enough power it doesnt work at all?

    Please feel free to ask more questions, ive always been rubbish at getting whats in my head into text. I can post pictures from Google Drive if need be. Thanks!
  4. Also Cons29 why do you consider this a "risk"? It would be highly appreciated if you elaborated. Thanks.
  5. well, if you buy a good psu now, you won't find splitting these pci-e cables coming from the psu.
    like what i have now, i have 4 of them (well yes that is because i have a 760w psu). but even my old 5-6 year old psu had 2 6-pin.

    it is safer to have 2 because the wires will have to carry less current since the load is divided into 2 lanes instead of one. again, i believe you should be ok, and it is up to you. also you wont see anything wrong now since you are just typing, not gaming. so the gpu is hardly working a sweat :)

    i can be wrong though, i am not an expert. but here's an analogy, we all have those extension for power outlets where we plug appliances right? that is why they advise us against plugging too much under 1 line, because it can overload.
  6. the thing is, a good 500-550w psu can handle a decent rig. heck even a 680 only needs 550w according to nvidia.
    i was using gtx 260 before in my 550w (altho 2 cables not split), and i think 260 is more of a power hog than what you have (it sucks i know)
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