Help, I am confused on what happens to my data on my storage drive when I backup windows 7!

So I am trying to reinstall windows to fix a problem, but I do not want to lose my terabytes of music, games, movies, and photos. At the moment I have no space left on my 250gb OS ssd and about 800gb left on my 3tb storage drive. If I reinstall windows on my ssd will it affect the storage drive's data? How would I set i back up?
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  1. your music and such on the 3TB drive? Look... if it is and you are worried about it, disconnect it during the install process and then reconnect it after, then change the point to "My Music" to the 3TB folder...
  2. Agree with Corroded.

    Windows will only wipe the drive that you tell it to. So long as you only wipe the SSD, only the SSD will be affected.

    Disconnecting the other drive is a good idea though.
  3. So if I put all the data I want to keep on the 3tb storage drive and disconnect it, when I go to reconnect it later I can just plug it back in and will not have to format anything? My data will just be as it was on that drive?
  4. yup... and after t=finished w/ the OS install and connecting it back, change the pointers for your User folders to the locations on the 3TB drive.

    I have:
    C: 120GB SSD
    D: 2TB HDD

    D:\mystuff\... < user folders.

    Nothing on C except totally unavoidable programs and data...
  5. I just realized I do not know how to initiate a windows reinstallation. Do I reinsert the disk or is there built in reinstallation software in Windows?
  6. Boot to the DVD...
  7. I am at the language selection menu but windows wont detect my mouse or keyboard, suggestions?
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