I dropped my 500GB Storage Drive. How to fix?

I have 20 years worth of data on this drive. It has 465GB of data in it and today was the ONE freaken day i was about to transfer it over to a new 2TB Hard drive while discarding the old drive. What happened was i went to take it out of my dad's computer because i was playing some games off my storage drive at his house. Then when i went to take it out, i dropped it on his hard tile floor while sitting on the floor and now windows either freezes during the logo or the drive doesn't appear anymore in the 'Computer' window within Windows. Do i have a chance to repair this thing myself because i don't have 250 dollars for an hour of professional work for it.. -____-
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  1. I almost forgot to mention it's an internal Seagate Barracudda 500 GB Hard Drive.
  2. ok.. got an external rig you can plug it into? Do that and get you data off using a second computer. Hopefully you did not skid a platter...
  3. I plugged it into this system by turning it off first. But it either sits on the animation load logo of Windows 7, or re-starts itself indicating that the drive doesn't even exist.... I feel so nausea about this i am really worried that someone will tell me "it's gone forever". :( :(
  4. I'm sorry, what did you mean by external Rig?
  5. like I said... use an external USB enclosure to access it. IF.... it will not load that way, yes it is AFU
  6. Oh, no i don't have one of those. Where can i find one. But while i do that is there something i can do? Maybe take the Torx Screws off and see if maybe something's jammed? I don't know. X__x
  7. no do not open it up...

    You need to plug it in as a NON boot drive... Using an external USB connected drive enclosure is best.

    When you power it up, do you feel it spinning up or does it just sit there. If it is spinning, you may be able to access it.
  8. i hear a beeping sound, it spins for like a second then stops. does the beeping sound again, spins for like another second then stops... repeat repeat repeat.
  9. toast... sorry....
  10. Thanks for your help, but if you're really going to tell me that, then i might as well open it up and see if there's anything i could do..
  11. Good luck.
  12. Thanks. If there's anyone else out there who might have something else i could try let me know please. -__-
  13. This stinks. I can see i'm not going anywhere here. I wish there was some professional somewhere out there that knew how to recover HDD's like this. I couldn't offer him cash, but i would give up my new GTX Titan to have this drive fixed. That's how bad i want my data back... But i guess it's really hopeless isn't it? Thanks again for trying. <__<
  14. ok... I can recover data from drives that are spinning... after that I refer it out to a clean room type service... I use DriverSavers, not cheap and they can do nothing if the platters are destroyed. Anything else they can recover.
  15. I still haven't been able to open it yet. I need either a vice grip to twist the screws or a Torx screw driver. I wanna get the answer to that and look at those platters to verify that..
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    I fixed it! All it was, the arm was all the way on the outside part of the platter instead of the center. I moved it into the platter's center area and now it spins. However i couldn't recover/backup everything. It looks like most of that data is corrupted now. BUT, i got the most important data back. Stuff i will never see again atleast. As far as trying to get the rest back, i dunno. Probably scrapped. I don't care anymore. I got my most worried stuff back. :)

    Okay, i'm done here. You can close the board now.
  17. I hope at least you now realize the importance of having /making backups of important data. IE - what are you going to do if this new 2tb drive dies tomorrow?

    If you can afford a Titan you can afford a decent external drive (onsite backup) and a stack of archival quality dvd's (off-site backup)
    Its time to get off your butt before you DO lose it all.
  18. Yes sir! :) I've created several Data DVD's a few minutes after my last post. For now, i'm safe, but you're absolutely right. I'm going to buy another Drive so i never have to go though this again.
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