screen outputs don't work on home built

So I have a friend that built his first computer, its for gaming but he was pretty light on the budget, and it was acting really really slow he said "slower then his 5 year old laptop"

So I told him I would take a look at it. I get it back to my house, and I can't get anything to show up on the screens!

Its a Asus mobo, with some sort of an Asus graphics card, nothing is coming out of the onboard VGA, or the graphics card VGA/DVI... So where do I go from here?

I tried powering down the system, and resetting the card, I also tried it without the graphics card, only using the onboard vga.. nothing.

Some help would be great :D

(Side note, its running Win7. It DOES have power to the mobo, and the power supply is working)

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  1. Look up the MoBo on the support site and get the manual... Find the reset for the MoBo and do it. Pull the video card and disconnect the HDD. When you boot do you get video (Bios boot Screen) from the OnBoard adapter?
  2. So I found the manual online for it, and looked through it, but I can't find anything about resetting the mother board.

    here is the link for the manual. What would it be called you think?
  3. Resetting is also known as "Clearing the CMOS" there is usually a jumper for it. It is on page 2-19, section 2-6.
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