How to choose your ip address? / service that allows you to select an ip address

I'm trying to get a certain IP address, and have been testing out things like vpn's and such.

My problem is that I need to get my computer to connect with an address where the third octet is divisible by 8 and the last octet is 0. It doesn't matter at all what the first two would be, but if anybody knows any ways to get something like this it would be amazing.

Basically I just need my IP to be where A is any number divisible by 8 (0 included)
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  1. I don't have a solution, but I gotta ask....why?
  2. Public address' cost $$$

    Try a DDNS service instead, like

    They let you direct a url call to your public IP address for free... I use it for VPN's when the customer is on DHCP for their public address...
  3. Lol not ever ever going to happen accept by freak accident it ipv6 paid IP. No reason for it unless you are OCD about 8 either
  4. If there are solutions that cost money, I can pay for them.
  5. If you just need a single IP you might be able to hunt long enough for a ISP that is willing to sell you a static IP that happens to meet your requirements. You will be searching for quite some time though because of how subnet masks work. It is tough in general to get a ip with a zero in the last octet because it require the subnet mask be a /23 minimum to make it a usable address. Now because a /23 needs to start on a even boundary for the third octet BUT you want yours to have a 8 in the third octet it eliminates a /23 and you have to go to a /22 to be able to use a even numbered third octet with a zero in the fourth as a end station. With your additional requirement that is actually be divisible by 8 it makes this even worse...and I am too lazy to figure out what the minimum subnet mask would be.

    Although it might exist you would have to dig for a long time to find a ISP that just happened to allocate their subnets correctly, nobody is going to change them.
  6. OK... let us start here:

    You will be required to work INSIDE the boundaries of the local ISP's Public address ranges. Do you know what is available local to you?

    Once you have their address ranges, figure out a set of /32 address' that are available to you. I assume you are not willing to pay for a /28 set of address' to get the one you want... If you are I'll seel you a bridge with a view in the Sahara as well.

    Have fun...
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