burnt electric smell on ram please help):

hey i have a sabertooth z77 with a i5 3570k and patriot 8gb 1600mhz ram, today i offerd my brother 4gb which was one stick of it for his new gaming rig. his rig had to be delayed because of bios issues and now when i put the stick back into my rig it started then shut off. after that it started and went to a screen saying overclocking faild which is odd because i wasint overclocking my ram. then it shut off again and i restarted it and i got a smell of something burning now theres a red light next to my ram that wont go off, i have know idea what would start this problem even with one stick of ram nothing will happen
please help):
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  1. can you try using that module on a different machine and see what happens?
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