how can i tell if my motherboard supports a higher cpu?

i have a gateway w350a T-series windows 8 and i wanna upgrade pretty much everything i can but im not sure which parts to buy i currently have an AMD Athlon 64 x2 duel-core cpu TK-57 1.90 ghz i was planning on buying a faster one but i don't where to start also if there is a way to upgrade the video card
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  1. After 5 or so years, upgrading becomes a lot less economical than building a new system.
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    That is a very low end notebook. it most likely cannot be upgraded AT ALL and if it can you'd have to get the max CPU from gateway. But by the very nature of the way laptops are designed it would be a very very.small upgrade (if even possiblW), very expensive, and absolutely NOT worth doing. quite frankly it's not even worth.the time it would take to figure out if its possible.
  3. You would be better off getting a newer one or building a desktop.
  4. i would like to get a new laptop but my pockets won't let me so im stuck with this at the moment...i had a feeling it would not be worth it so ill take your advice unksol...i just want a laptop that can run fallout 3 fair
  5. any suggestions on a non expensive laptop that can run it?
  6. Robert Acevedo said:
    any suggestions on a non expensive laptop that can run it?

    This Acer is probably ok for playing games at 720p and low settings. If you want to spend more than that, it's much more economical to get a cheap laptop to take to class (or whatever you're doing) -- or better yet, keep using your current laptop -- and build a gaming desktop.
  7. Ok if your pockets wont let you hows this sale the old one use that money and what money your pockets have to buy a cheap acer or hp
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