Need help finding old i7 920 overclock for p6x58d premium guide cant find it anywhere!

hi guys im trying to find an old i7 920 overclock guide for clock speeds of 3.6 3.8 and 4ghz.

it was really popular a year ago it was in a forum and it had screenshots of all the settings with explanations on the bottom

i have tried looking everywhere but i cant find it. i used to have the page bookmarked but deleted it after a succesfull overclock.

a couple more things about it, another person on this website asked a question on how to overclock the card on a p6x58d premium mobo and one person suggested the exact page im talking about.

so again its a guide on how to overclock i7 920 on a p6x58d premium mobo, it has screenshots of all the settings and explanations on the bottom and it only shows clocks for 3.6 3.8 and 4ghz

help me out guys those settings are the only settings that have ever worked for me, and now i cant find it even searching through here or google. its been flooded with lame tuts that have no screenshots and abbreviations on things they do
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  1. nevermind i found out why i cant find it core-i7-overclocking-guide-beginner was on and clunk is down and out =/ man well atleast if someone can steer me in the right direction and help me overclock my i7 920 do steping to 3.8 or 4ghz i would much appreciate it

    my mobo is p6x58premium and my ram is 6gb corsair dominator
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  3. henydiah said:

    hey dude thanks for the link ive managed to get overclock it to 4ghz! but im having trouble with temps is there anything i should lower that would affect the temp?

    my settings so far are
    ai overclock tuner XMP
    cpu ratio 20
    speed step disabled
    xtreme phase full power enabled
    bclk freq 200
    dram fre ddr3 1603
    uclk fre 3208
    cpu voltage 1.33125
    cpu pll voltage 1.90
    qpi 1.35
    dram bus voltage 1.64
    cpu differential amplitude 800mv

    is there anything i can change that will help lower temps?
  4. drop vcore maybe or setting LLC .. but is your OC can get stable ??? other way is get big huge CPu cooler / water cooler
  5. thanks dude i used that guide and i got a 3.8 stable overclock
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