I5 3570k to i7 3770k for a really cheap price

i own i5 3570k, and the rest of my rig is great,
and someone offer me to trade his unused i7 3770k to trade with my cpu,
so, trade the cpu and add +50$ dollar, i get the i7.

Worth it right?
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  1. I would question why he is selling it at all. Why would he want an i5 when he as an i7?

    If your only gaming on your rig, wouldn't bother. The i7 wont give you any performance boost.
    If your video editing it might be worth it.
  2. i use my computer for multiple reason, but since i saw crysis 3 and ps2, benchmark,(im a havey ps2 player), maybe i7 could aid a little,
    i might do the video thing in few month to come, we will see

    but since he offer me a really low price, i think it is enuf for me to forget to upgrade another 8 gb of ram first,
    he selling that low because he is a trader+im a good friend with him.
  3. that is unused cpu, he might have something in his rig,maybe his friend needed an i5, or maybe he need fast cash, or second rig,PROBABLY/ i dont know, i will ask in detail
  4. will you use the cpu for rendering or something like that?if not stay with the i5!for gaming there is not a big difference!
  5. end up buying this, new at about 255$ usd
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