HELP ME CHOOSE MY GPU! 660 ti 3gb vs. 670 2gb

I'm not sure which one too get? help

I'm leaning towards the 660 ti
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  1. 670 is one of those dark horse cards, i prefer that over 660ti especially for single display 1080p for 2gb is enough for that.
  2. GTX670, no discussion man. with some OC and you got yourself a GTX 680. well atleast close to it.
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    2GB vs 3GB is talking about the VRAM: Adding VRAM gives you nothing if you already have enough. It works just like system ram; if you already have 16GB, under almost any senario, adding another 16 doesn't do a dang thing. The 2GB on the 670 is more than enough for a 1080p screen.

    On top of that, the difference between the 670 and the 660ti is mostly that the 660ti has a neutered memory bus, so it has limited bandwidth, so it can't even use 2GB of VRAM well, much less 3.

    Combine that with the fact that the 670 is a fairly faster card, and it wins, hands down.
  4. also wanted to add I only play DayZ /ARMA
  5. If you want to max it, get the 670. If you don't care as much about the graphics, get a normal 660ti.
  6. Also I will be playing on two monitors a 23 and then a 19in I play the actual game on the 23in
  7. The second monitor will add basically nothing to the stress on the GPU - don't worry about it.
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