Various failures, I suspect motherboard, need help.

My specs:
Intel-core i5-2500 3.30Ghz
Win 7 64bit SP1
Nvidia GeForce GTX 570
ASRock z68 Extreme gen 4
PSU Corsair TX 650

I built the system myself about a year ago. A few weeks ago I decided to clean it and in the process damaged the heat-sink so I had to replace it with a Coolermaster 250. The reason I chose to clean it was because it had a few failures already back then but I can't exactly remember what they were. Ever since I replaced the heat-sink the computer has been working on and off. Sometimes it can work for an entire day without problems other days there will be many faults. They include: BSOD, Keyboard and mouse not working or just the mouse, sometimes the mouse will "lag" like a loose connection, jack-stick to sound-system being a loose connection and today I had a lot of pop-ups about memory failures and I kept pressing okay and then my entire desktop disappeared.

Note: I notice most of this when playing League of Legends, I've tried lowering settings. I have not OC'd.

Solutions I've tried so far:
Update all drivers
Reassemble entire computer to check for loose connections
sfc-scannow command

If you need any details I'll try to answer, I'm not a complete newb with computers but I'm definitely not a pro either.
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  1. Have you monitored the temps when running things? Could be bad contact between cpu and HSF. Also, exactly how did you "damage" your original HSF? Could the way you damaged it have caused damage to the cpu (bent pins, etc.) or the mobo?
  2. Based on what I know, there are a number of issues that could be causing your symptoms.
    First of all, have you measured the temperature of your CPU ever since you reinstalled the heatsink? If not, please download coretemp. It measures the temperature of your CPU cores in Celsius. When your computer is idling and also not overclocked, the temperature should be no higher then the forties.
    Next we should look at your memory (RAM). Please turn off your computer and make sure your memory sticks are fully inserted into the motherboard.

    Finally you should run a program called windows memory diagnostic. It comes with windows 7 and can determine if your memory is bad. it can take multiple hours but if the other two steps don't solve your problem than this test will determine if you need to replace your memory.
  3. I'm new to this site and I've answered both animal and bootloop but I don't see the answers anywhere. So I'll try to answer them here instead so other users can see it as well.

    My temps are fine I got speedfan and check it daily, there are never issues there, the temps are usually around 30-40 and 50 at most under load. The old HSF was a default intel heat sink and they got these 4 pins that you push down until they click, two of the pins got damaged which I first noticed when I tried to re-attach it, I don't know if they damaged the mobo but I don't think so.
    I forgot to mention I've already run Memory diagnostic as suggested by bootloop and it found no issues.
  4. Well if my previous approaches didn't work I would suggest a " throw everything against the wall and see what sticks" strategy.
    Try downloading hd-tune. This is a hard drive diagnostic program. Check the health tab to make sure everything comes back okay and do a quick scan and make sure all the blocks are green.

    Try downloading and doing a scan with Malwarebytes anti-malware. This is a free virus scanning program, just make sure it's updated before you do the scan.

    Download and install a program called furmark. This is a stress test for video cards. Run it and see if your video card can handle half an hour without crashing, just make sure you monitor the temps while it's running. Temps really shouldn't go too much higher then mid 70's or 80/81/82.

    Go grab a program called prime 95. This is a stress test for CPU's. Run it for half an hour and see if your pc crashes. Monitor the temps, they should not go higher than high 60's or low low 70's.

    Prime95 can also be used to do an additional test on memory. Make sure the settings are such that memory will be heavily tested as well.
  5. This explains my mouse and keyboard problem btw.

    Okay I scanned with hd-tune, all blocks were green both my SSD and HDD.
    I got Avast Antivirus, doesn't that work out just as well?
    Furmark got my GPU up to 85-86 temperature fairly quickly and then it just sat there, I didn't let it stay there for more than 5 minutes because it didn't seem to change and I didn't want to damage my GPU. Should I try to do it again and let it crash if it can't handle it?
    I'm testing prime 95 right now, I'll get back in half an hour if it crashes.
  6. Okay I'm done testing with Prime 95, 3 cores went up to 55 and one went to 59, I let it run for 45 minutes.
  7. eyboard and mouse problems could have a million different causes. However I read the thread that you posted and it looked like a driver issue. Sometimes people forget to install the motherboard drivers. The motherboard will still more or less work but there will be some intermittent issues. Make sure you've installed your motherboard drivers and let windows update run a check for updates. Also run down your program list to make sure that you don't have two of the same things installed or something that looks like a driver conflict.

    85 degrees Celsius probably isn't the worst possible thing but you could consider getting an extra case fan or two( they are inexpensive). For this test you could increase the video cards fan speed via the drivers or just open up the side of the case and point a regular room fan at it. Now that we know that your video cards temperatures are not too outrageous we want to know if the gpu can handle running at full speed for half an hour.

    I believe Malwarebytes anti-malware is a superior program. You can just run a one-time scan with it and uninstall it later
  8. I've updated the motherboard drivers for USB, because I thought it was driver-related as well but since I've updated it the problem has persisted.
    How do I check for driver conflicts? Under my program list I couldn't find any duplicates. Malware bytes detected 2 "threats" but they seemed very minor.

    I'll run furmark for half an hour and see what happens.
  9. Half an hour later and no crash, the temperature crawled up to 87 degrees though. I'll try to play a few games and see if the keyboard/mouse problem can be forced.
    this is a good resource on how to do a driver conflict test.

    So i think we have ruled out Hard drive, CPU, GPU and RAM(for the most part). There are a few more things we can do from here.

    You can do a more complete test of your memory with memtest86+. Memtest has to be burnt to a cd and then you need to boot your computer from the cd.

    You could manually test your powersupply. This is dangerous and if done wrong you could electricute yourself. There are plenty of videos and instructables online that show how to do this process safely, you should look at several if you plan to try this. You do need a multimeter, but they are only like 20$. Be carful not to void your warranty as you try this. I found this page that seems helpful on this subject.

    The last thing i can think of right now is to open up the side of your case and point a large fan at the inside. Go about your day normally with the fan running on high and see if the problems happen. This should determine if your problem is heat related or not.

    If all this fails, you should start checking to see if your motherboard/power supply are still under warranty. Also consider formatting your hard drive and reinstalling your operating system(just make sure you have everything important backed up first).

    Keep us posted!

    edited for clarity
  11. I'll try to get to all you just listed and will update when done, in the meantime Thank you so much for helping!!
  12. Your welcome. I always enjoy helping fellow denizens of the internets.
  13. Ok I haven't really had any problems for a while now. I didn't seem to have any driver problems and didn't check my powersupply or had any fans pointed. I don't know what the solution was or if it's even fixed but for now everything seems ok. Thank you again Bootloop!
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