Seagate OR WD (Western Digital)?

Which brand should I choose from Hard-Disk makers?
Seagate OR WD (Western Digital)?
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  1. I have used both brands before, and haven't had either of them fail.

    That being said, WD drives have given me better performance. They come with longer warranties as well.
  2. I would go with WD. They're generally more reliable and have better warranties.
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    Both are pretty equal, you'll find people saying they had nice or bad experience with both, as they are both major makers so out of 100 000 hdds made there are bounf to be good and bad ones.
    Personally I can vouch for WD, had this hdd for 5 years, and it only failed me because of my mistake, if i had been careful i'm sure it would work even longer.
  4. OK!
  5. These two the Western digital hard drive and the Seagate hard drive are the most popular of the external hard drive market. They both have great features. Both have 1 TB, USB 2.0 and 3.0; they weigh 138g (Western) and 224g (Seagate) respectfully. So if you want a lighter more portable option go with the WD. They both come with a 3 year warranty. They are both priced about the same.
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