Need New PSU Help please

Greetings. This problem start about half year ago. When i start my pc, i didnt start right away like always. About 20 seconds i heard sound "tet" and then it start,BUT my monitor wont show the graphic and stay black. I have to restart my pc and after 20seconds it start normaly. Not only that when this happen i lose about 60% performance. I ussualy get full FPS when playing CoD 3. After this problem happen i get about 10-20FPS. I know its my PSU getting old.
its Xtreme Xtreme 500W already about 8 years old. I plan to get new one Corsair CX600 good price. I have G41M-ES2L motherboard. will it fit with my motherboard?

Im tired to open and pull out my PSU and you know try to solve the problem and then after 3 days the problem happen again.
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    yes it will fit your mobo.
  2. Thanks thasan1.
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