want to buy a cooler. my processor n motherboard are runnning on high temperatures with 10% load

the above link is my cabinet . which supports cooler of 148 mm height. so plz suggest me a good cooler . i can afford 70$-80$ .

my processor : fx-8350 AMD ------> 45 C -50 C

motherboard : M5A97 LE R2.0 (Socket 942) ------> 55C-65C

graphic card : 1024MB AMD Radeon HD 7750 -------> 50-60C

hard disk : 932GB Seagate ST310005 24AS SATA Disk Device (SATA) (45C)

RAM : 8GB corsair

i will not overclock . i will use it normally. the temperatures are too high even though the room is at 24C. and cpu load not more than 15 %. if i stress it upto 90% cpu usage then i guess my motherboard will get damaged n willl damage the other parts too. so plz help me out . thank you in advance
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  1. You should not be looking for a new cooler because that is only a temporary fix. If you are not overclocking then stock cooling should be doing its job fine. This problem lies much deeper than cooling and if you really are getting temps like that at 10% load there is something seriously wrong with your build.
  2. Fill every slot with fans, clean out your case for dust / debris. If you are in a hot, humid environment than use A/C. The CPU cooler will not be much use if its something else. Try re seating all your stuff and re applying new thermal paste. Use all of the above in combination for maximum results.

    Edit: I see your HDD it 45 degrees celcius?? That's insane, mine never gets above 25. Definately your case is NOT getting rid of hot air and / or not getting any cooler air.
  3. what do u think the problem is ? the fans are working fine . there are 2 fans 1 front red LED fan 120mm n 1 at the bottom of the case 120 mm fan and power supply of 500 W
  4. i bought this system 7 days back . there is no dust and seated it twice as i have the doubt . ya iam from india outside temperature is 41 C
  5. You have no fans exhausting the hot air? That is your problem. It's just sitting in your case building up. FILL every slot with fans. Take off your bottom fan in the mean time and install it in the rear, shooting hot air OUT of the case.

    Edit: Here is a good guild. You can see from the pics of what I mean

    You should buy extra fans your self to fill every slot possible.
  6. please look at the case i have and please suggest me a proper air flow . and u mean the bottom fan is not exhaust fan ?
  7. ohhhh i understoood what u meant :) i can fix a fan side of my case n 1 60 mm at backside. or 80 mm. 120 mm fan wil not fit in my rear bcos my processor is nearby rear side
  8. Rule of thumb is top and rear fans are exhaust, as heat rises. Bottom, front, and sides are intake. I suggest you pull the bottom fan and install it in the rear for starters, that will create good air flow in your system. If you have the front pulling in air and your bottom one pulling it out, than the cool air is just being sucked right out before doing anything.

    Edit" Yes, put the 80 MM one in the rear, the bigger = better and more quite. If there is a top exhaust port on your case put a fan there too.
  9. so u say i dnt need any cooling device for that processor or motherboard other than fixing 2 fans . 1 at side 120 mm n 1 rear 60 or 80 mm rite ?
  10. i have a small doubt . fans will be differentiated as intake fans n exhaust ?? der will be different types of fans or only 1 type of fan is used ? only the place wer we put the fan matters ?
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    For now, that temp you said in your first post is decent actually for stock cooling how it is now, it "should" be better after you fix up the air flow. If not than there is no harm as that is in a safe zone for the processor until you get a different CPU fan. Any will be better than stock.

    Edit: What I mean by "INTAKE" is fans blowing IN cold air (front, bottom, side) and "EXHAUST" is fans blowing air OUT of your case (rear, top). And no, there is not intake or exhaust specific fans, they are all the same. Just how you point them. (the side of the fan where you can see the wires is the side where the air blows from.
  12. thank you heironious
  13. i was actually worried about my motherboard heating up to 65C
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