need confirmation pls

should i go for hd6450 ddr3 or zotac gt 620 ddr3. i'll be casually game. i wanted to upgrade from hd5450 .
hd5450 ranned all my games with playable crysis2 and bf 3 with ~ 20 fps.and these card are better than it. so which one should i opt for gt620 or hd6450 ddr3.
suggest in between these 2 cards only.
thnx .hav a nice day...........:D
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  1. the 6000 series is just a rebadge 5000 series. so for you to move from the 5450 to the 6450 you will be buying the same card.

    If you want newer tech you need to bump up to the 7000 series cards. so i have to go with the 620 although it is a very weak card. If you need a cheap card go with the 640 instead.
  2. dude,i have just searched a new card named HIS hd5570 ddr3, it is better than gt 620 or not? hd5570 was on for rupees 3500. should i go for it? will it play battlefield 3?
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    battlefield 3 to have a decent FPS rate needs a 5750 or higher. When I mention decent I refer to 60 FPS average with 30 FPS minimum. anything under 30 FPS you see lag on the screen. I understand it is out of your price range but at least you have an idea of what kind of performance is needed.

    the 5570 is only a very small step up from the card you have and is meant for multi-media and casual gaming. By "casual" I mean browser based games pogo/ facebook/ popcap type of games. Some older games will also play nicely on that card also.

    If you can find one in your budget range, get a card that has DDR5 memory with a 128 Bit bus speed or higher. The speed increase will be a major boost in performance in its own right. May I also suggest that you keep saving your Rupee's for a better card. One down fall to my suggestion is your power supply. Depending on your PSU if you get a good card you may need to replace the power supply.
  4. really thanks brother,u helped me alot............:).have a nice day:)
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