PCIE 2.0 x16 or x4 for Crossfire?

Ok, I am very new to this computer building things and I am not sure on how to approach this one problem. I am planning on getting a 7770 and in the future maybe having a crossfire system. My only question is, what is the difference between x16 and x4? Will there be a performance drop?
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  1. You will get more bandwith with the PCI-e x16 slot, and more bandwith is better for gpu's, so go with the x16 slot.
  2. So if I put another GPU in the other slot, I would not get much of a performance increase?
  3. yea you would but im not sure if they make 7770 gpu's for x4 slots but if you have 2 x16 slote you're better off using those 2.
  4. So I would be better off just getting one better card than doing crossfire when I only have one x16 slot?
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    Yes that would be better. If money isn't a problem go with this GPU:

    And if money really really isn't a problem take a look at these cards:
  6. Xd I wish, I am on a very low budget so I am only going with a 7770 but plan on upgrading in the future :) thanks for the help :D
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