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Hello all,

I have a Athlon II x3 450 processor which is socket am3. I have an am2+ motherboard instead of am3. I would like to know what the speed difference(by which I mean processing and gaming) would I get from switching to an Am3 motherboard. I've heard rumors a while ago about how the am2+ motherboard bottlenecks my processor. I'm also asking this because I want to upgrade my computer but want to see if I can reuse the cpu.

All answers are appreciated!
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  1. Where are these rumours?

    Motherboards don't directly effect performance as long as it is providing the needed amount of power to the CPU.
  2. using the processor in an AM2 socket means you're also using DDR2 memory, upgrading to an AM3 motherboard means you also have to upgrade your RAM to DDR3. You won't process any faster, but the faster RAM can move data in and out of your processor quicker.
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