3TB HDD not displaying on Windows 8 (ASRock Extreme4)

I just build a new system on an ASRock Extreme4 with an Intel 3570k. It has a Samsung SDD, a small Caviar Blue and a WD Red 3TB 30EZRX Hard drive.

In the BIOS settings, I see all three drives plus the optical drive. In Windows 8 device manager, I see all three disk drives, but I don't see it in "My Computer." I installed the ASRock 3TB+ "unlocker," but I'm not really sure what the hell is going on in Windows 8 to be honest (first time).

Do I have to enable the drive through the disk management tool? How do I find it in Windows 8 and what format should the drive be (NTFS)?
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  2. Have you initialized and formatted the 3TB drive?
  3. firo40 said:

    Anonymous said:
    Have you initialized and formatted the 3TB drive?

    That doesn't answer the question; drive manager shows two separate partitions, one of which is inaccessible.
  4. Funny he selected mine as best answer if it did not solve his problem
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