Any Laptop shells that have external connectors that i can use a desktop with.

Ok the title probably sounds weird and you would wonder why i would want this, but i just do :)

What i am after is to be able to have a laptop wth no components. Just the lcd screen and keyboard working. It would have external connectors that i can connect a desktop to, e.g. the keyboard just usb connects to the desktop, and a dvi port for the video. So all components in the desktop bascally.

Any ideas, or would i have to build (Or tear apart an existing one) this myself from a laptop shell?

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  1. Laptop screens are usually made to connect to the motherboard and have a special plug that is different for every laptop and not able to hookup to a PC. The keyboard's also are mean to hookup to the laptop and not usb and wouldn't work.

    My question, is what are you trying to do? It makes no sense at all. Buy a mini-keyboard and a 15" screen and plug it in to a desktop if you want a small footprint.
  2. I agree with getochkn. Would make more sense, and probably way cheaper, to buy a small monitor and keyboard.
  3. Yeah i guess it makes no sense as you say :)
    Firstly i don't care about cost, so i can rule that out.
    Basically i want the ability to have the keyboard and screen on my lap. I want to game on it with high end graphics. So was thinking a small form factor desktop. My partner watches lots of TV and wants me in the same room on the couch with her. Hence gaming on the couch is important. I have an alienware laptop that is awesome, but just looking at a different option as i go forward. If not i will stick with a gaming laptop, but just means no upgrades or me etc.
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